The first traces of human settlement on the island tribes around 5000 BC.. Since then Andros has been continuously inhabited. Excavations revealed finds from the 5th millennium to the 3rd century BC.. The stone-built cylindrical tower of Agios Petros dates from the Hellenistic period (4th-3rd century BC.). Under Venetian rule Andros experienced a long period of security and prosperity; strong fortifications were built to protect the inhabitants. 'Kato Kastro' at Chora, 'Pano Kastro' at Korthi and the 'Tower of Makrotantalo' in the northern part of the island. The characteristic dovecotes and tower houses also date from this period.

Interesting sites:

The archaeological site of Palaiopolis
The archaeological site of Strofilas
The archaeological site of Ypsili
The archaeological site of Zagora
The Tower of Agios Petros
Kato kastro
Pano Kastro
The Tower of Bisti-Mouvela