Chora, also called Andros town, is the capital of the island, situated on a peninsula in the middle of the east coast. The architecture of the town is a very interesting mix of Byzantine, Venetian, Turkish, Cycladic and Neoclassical buildings. Chora is a lively town with a 5000 year old history, where ancient customs and traditions have been preserved and go hand in hand with the modern life of today. At the end of the peninsula an old arched bridge, 'Kamara', from the 13th century, leads to a small island, where remains can be seen from the 'Kato Kastro', the lower castle. This was once a Venetian fortress to protect the inhabitants of the town. A little further into the sea, you will see a lone rock with the Tourlitis lighthouse. This seven-meter high lighthouse is a replica of the original, which was destroyed during a German bombing in World War II. On the initiative of the couple Goulandris the lighthouse was restored in 1990. In the town you will find the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Kydoneios Foundation and the Kaireios Library. Do not forget to have a look at the old pharmacy and buy some 'glyko tou koutaliou' at the zacharoplastio of Dimitris Laskaris. The Kaireios Square or Plateia Platanou, which is overshadowed by giant plane trees is rich in cosy cafes and tavernas with terraces, where life is good in the hot summer months.